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Patient Care Assistant Corner:
Infection Control
Infection control has always been a top priority at Houston Methodist. This topic is even more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to prevent transmission of infections, promote health, and care for patients and families, friends, and ourselves. Strict hand hygiene, wearing a surgical mask, a face shield when caring for patients, and maintaining social distancing stops the virus's spread, saving lives. As healthcare team members, the PCAs can make a difference. Let's all show our "ICARE" Values!
CAUTI Prevention DOs
CAUTI Prevention DON'Ts
DO protect central lines (Central Venous Catheters (CVC) & PICCs) and Peripheral IVs (PIV) with an AquaGuard dressing during bathing
DON'T contaminate the CVC or PICC dressings with soiled gloves or linen.
DO ensure the CVC & PICC dressings remain intact, not leaking or loose.
DON'T contaminate IV tubing with soiled gloves or linen during care.
DO bathe patients with a CVC or PICC daily and follow with 2% CHG application
DON'T ignore loose or leaking CVC or PICC dressings: Immediately notify the nurse.
DO instruct ambulatory patients to shower daily and follow with a 4% CHG application.
DON'T ignore IV tubing without green CUROS caps: Immediately notify the nurse.
DO notify the nurse when the patient refuses to bathe or complains of itching or burning due to CHG
DON'T forget to notify the nurse of abnormal vital signs or a change in the patient's condition or mental status.